Enrollment: Every student will be taken by a 30-minute audition/interview to determine the attitude, expectations, short-term and long-term goals. A fee of 180 KR will be charged for the audition/interview and it will be refunded only if the student enrolls in the classes.

Commitment: A minimum enrollment of 12 weeks is required to make sure that the students  take the lessons seriously and to achieve a reasonable goal set up in the beginning. Students are encouraged to enroll for 24 weeks with a 10% discount.

Payment: At the beginning of each 12-week term, the payment is required through invoice or vipps. 

Make-up lessons: One make-up lesson for every 12 lessons is allowed with a 24-hour notice of absence. If the instructor is available more make-up lessons might be given with an extra fee of 25%.

Performances: Students, when prepared and acknowledged by the teacher, are highly encouraged to take part in recitals that will be organized at least once a year, which are included in the tuition fee. Also the best students will be recommended to partecipate in the piano festival and piano competitions appropriate for their levels.

Assignment: Every student has to bring a notebook where the teacher writes the assignment for each lesson and the expectation for the next lesson. In case the student doesn't follow the assignment, the parents will be informed and they must supervise their children. 

Group Classes: One theory group class and one performance group class per month will be offered, which are both included in the tuition fee. Students are not required but encouraged to partecipate. It is very important for them to meet and socialize with other piano students to share the experience about their musical journey. Also during the performance classes the students will perform the pieces that they are working on. This will help them manage stress and stage fright that they will face during public performance.

Termination: The piano studio reserves the right to terminate a student from its programs due to important reasons, such as lack of  practice or parent/teacher conflict.  The studio will try all the means to solve the problem but if it persists the student will be terminated and a refund of the remaining lessons will be given or not according to the situation.