"Pietro is very patient with our daughter while still pushing her in a positive way to be the best
that she can be. "

Our daughter, Edan, 7 years old, has been taking lessons from Pietro. Pietro has been a wonderful instructor and Edan has advanced quickly while working with him.....We are incredibly fortunate to have found Pietro to teach our daughter piano, and look forward to watching our daughter continue to advance under Pietro`s direction...
— Mark and Tammy Kiger, Orlando, Florida, USA
pietro with edan.jpg

" Our son Peter had excelled at the piano for several years under different teachers, but Pietro was integral at helping him greatly improve his technique, style and musicianship at the piano. "

Pietro was an excellent piano teacher for our 9-year old son, Peter. After several months, Peter was able to play a piano concerto beautifully under Pietro’s instruction. We would highly recommend Pietro for students looking to advance their technique and musicianship at the piano.
— Aaron Kinakin, Orlando, Florida

"Pietro Iannotti is a very hard working musician,  with serious integrity and passion for the piano." 

We are grateful for his outstanding skill and musicality while teaching the piano to our young students at the Suzuki Music Institute in Orlando, FL.
— Christina Gant, Director of Suzuki Music Institute of Central Florida, http://suzukimusicinstitute.org

"The craft of the musician is learned through an apprenticeship, and it is hard to find a mentor as well qualified and capable."

As a professional musician, musicologist, and full-time high school teacher, it is a pleasure to work with Pietro. As a teacher, Pietro works with young musicians who have incredible potential. His patience and diligence with young students shows itself in their success and their ability to meet the goals they set for themselves. I’ve observed his lessons and worked with his students in music theory lessons, and have watched them excel in their efforts to become competitive in the field of music.....I am honored to call him my colleague.
— Marius Tesch, Orlando, FL, USA

"Pietro is someone who makes life beautiful and better. I have been at his recital where he touches seniors with his exquisite piano performances."

Pietro Iannotti is a wonderful piano teacher. Both my children, Andrew and Ethan Le are fortunate to be accepted and taught by him......He instills in my children the love for classical music. With his background as a professional concert pianist having mastered his proficiency of piano performing from a renowned European conservatory, he teaches my children superb techniques, expects only the best from them and pushes them to their best potential. He teaches my children to work patiently, work hard, feel the music, and excel at it......He passes on his skills to the kids such as my children. It is very much appreciated.
— Vanha Le, Maitland, FL, USA

"We were so fortunate to have Pietro as my son’s first Piano teacher. He is a warm, loving, professional teacher with great patience!"

He taught my son not only the skills but also the music theory. We were invited to one of his concerts. My son loved it, he sees Pietro as his idol now. We were sad that he had to move back to Europe, he is a great pianist and an awesome teacher! We love Pietro!
— Lulu Li, Windermere FL, USA

"Not only is Pietro an international professional performer, he is an excellent teacher. My son absolutely loves learning from Pietro."

I have had the privilege of having Pietro teach my son Simon piano lessons for the last two years. He is kind, patient and is very capable of passing on his expertise to my son.
— Sam H. Schriever, Longwood, FL, USA